Auburn University - CADC100

Client: Auburn University College of Architecture, Design and Construction (CADC)
Role: Writer, Interviewer, Primary Researcher

In 2007, the Auburn CADC celebrated its 100th anniversary, setting a milestone as the oldest accredited architecture school in the southeast. To celebrate, the college commissioned a coffee table book be designed and written for distribution to alumni, friends, students, and the general public. What we ended up creating was a 200-page volume chronicling 100 fascinating, historic, emotional, personal, academic, and utterly random things about the school (presented through found artifacts, documents, letters, snapshots, lists, endless conversations, interviews, and personal narratives).

The Auburn CADC100 book was included in the Communication Arts Design Annual, 2007, and won a 2008 AIGA SEED Award.

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Client: Amtico Flooring, UK
Role: Writer, Art Director

This piece is one in a series of four brochures designed for UK-based Amtico Flooring showrooms and direct mail distribution. Titled InReality, each brochure subverts the typical contract interior case-study format to look at a space from the view of those who are most affected by it: those who live and work within its walls. Volume II (shown) profiles an installation of non-toxic Amtico flooring in an assisted-care facility in upstate New York. Others in the series profiled installations (and people) from schools, retail, and other public-facing locales where Amtico flooring makes a difference.

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Zeftron Nylon

Client: Honeywell
Role: Writer, Art Director, Photo Assistant, Location Scout

Zeftron Nylon (a division of mega-chemical corporation Honeywell) makes some interesting products. Among them petroleum-based carpet fiber that is 100% recyclable, and can be made again and again from the same materials without using any more oil. They call the process "Closed-Loop Recycling," and I was commissioned to create a series of ads to illuminate the sustainable glory of this rather cool carpet. The ad above (and the remainder of the campaign, available via the link below) was shot on-location in Los Angeles by Gregory Miller, and appeared on the back cover of Contract Magazine.

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