Georgia Holiday Ball

Client: The Tourism and Development Alliance of Georgia (TDAG)
Role: Brand Strategy, Copywriting

Georgia's TDAG organization joined forces with the Georgia music hall of fame in late 2010 to celebrate something that our state has in spades: diverse musical heritage. In collaboration with  Dopp Kit Media , I defined brand strategy and messaging, wrote invitations and press releases, and themed the signature event--The Georgia Ball--a night of celebrity auctions, great food and music from every corner of the state. The revelation (and the Ball's theme line): Music Moves Us--to explore, discover, and enjoy every corner of our little part of the South.

Check out the event's signature piece--our theme immortalized in spray paint in Atlanta's Castleberry Hill Arts District.

Lawyers! On the Web!

Clients: Moebes Law, The Partin Law Firm, The Mabra Firm, Mykkeltvedt & Loftin, LLC
Role: Web Content Creation

They help people in distress. They give great advice on the law. The wear a lot of ties. Who are these people? The proprietors of small law firms; in the trenches helping ordinary schmoes like you and I stay on the right side of the law every day. I've written a handful of websites for these enterprising men and women in well-tailored suits. They're an interesting bunch, and while this might not be the most pants-on-fire exciting content on the planet, differentiation, clarity and consistency are all key skills demonstrated here. 

Case, as they say, closed.

Visit: Moebes Law, The Mabra Firm, M&L, Partin Law


Client: doc. Furniture
Role: Brand Development, Web Content Creation

doc. makes modern furniture with a sense of humor. Forget that sterile, sharp-edged glass coffee table in your mid-century obsessed grandmother's living room, this is modern furniture that really works with you, lives in your space, plays nicely with your other furnishings--even that stuff you picked up at Target. The nice folks at doc. asked me to help them define their brand (sly, quirky, with a wry sense of humor), write their web copy (of the same ilk), and sit in their chairs with great regularity. They're exceptionally comfortable.