Client: OneView / Wellet
Role: Naming, Tone/Voice Creation, Copywriting, Scriptwriting

College is Haaaaard. Think about it: you're away from home for the first time. Your day is 100% your own, to schedule to the minute...or sleep in every morning. Pop-tarts start to look like the perfect food group. Sleep? Eh. Maybe tomorrow. Before you know it, the freshman 5 has turned into the freshman 20 and you're a raging ball of snot every other week. Wellet--a brand new wellness app aimed at college freshman--can help get you back on track.

I worked with startup OneView to create the name, voice, tone and content for this cool new way to engage the college population in wellness. It's dynamic, social, and full of tips, tricks and opportunities to win school-related schwag. Take a look! Maybe your routine could use some tuning up, too?

Check it out at www.wellet.com

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