Oz Magazine

Client: Oz Publishing
Role: Recurring Column Editor, Feature Writer

A few years back, when I was just beginning my freelance career, the editor of Oz Magazine (a creative industry publication here in Atlanta) approached me about editing a recurring column. They called it "OzCetera," and the deal went something like this: "Call agencies. Find out what's new and interesting and big-budget going on in their shops. In absence of any real news, read their press releases. Write up a little blurb about how great business is. Rinse and repeat." To be honest, the blurbs weren't that interesting, and I wasn't allowed to embellish or play anywhere beyond the timbre of each agency's prescribed press voice. But, it was a great experience. And, eventually, it got me this: a cover story.

Click the link to read about the "great film vs digital debate." And remember, this was 2003, before 10 mega pixel beautiousness and post-production folk out-ranking photographers on the pay scale.

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