Here Magazine

Client: Cooper Carry Architects
Role: Writer

I'm proud to have worked on the award-winning Here Magazinea 200+ page publication for Cooper Carry Architects. This is the third Here. Each edition explores a topic of immediate worldly weight, viewing it through the lenses of architecture and cultural significance. It is, as we say in the publication, an exploration of an issue at the intersection of time and place.

This year the topic was energy. Among other things, I contributed articles regarding embodied energy in everyday objects, a comparison of the electric power structures of Africa and China, commentary on vertical farming, sustainability in suburbia, and a little rant about conspicuous consumption of clean, green energy.

Read a few of my favorite pieces. Check out the entire magazine here.

**Here Magazine, The Energy Issue has been honored with a number of awards, including a One Show Pencil, an AIGA SEED Award, and entry into both Print magazine's Design Annual and its Create + Commerce archives, among a number of other accolades.

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